Exclusive Solar Appointments

Our solar appointments are fixed with proper date & time to visit the house of homeowners, We use online ads campaign to capture leads & converts them into solar appointments.

Why you should buy our Solar Appointments

 High intent, Customers have filled online quote form
 Confirmed & Interested Homeowners
 Mid-High income
Say good bye to cold calling, door knocking (outdated) marketing
 Verified Power Bill $100+ (month)
Start receiving appointments in 4-7 business days
 No Shade (Or very little shade)
 Get them in your states, counties, cities.

Our Appointments show rate is average 60-90%

         Easy Lead Credit, No Hassle.

Confirmed Appointments produce more conversion than random leads.

What info you will receive in appointments

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Power Bill amount
  • Power Company Name
  • Credit Score (verbally confirmed)
  • No Shade Confirmation (or very little shade)
  • Appointment Date With Time

Our Return Policy is Very Fair

  • Not a Homeowner
  • Not a Single Family Home.
  • Not in Your areas
  • Appointment canceled by customer
  • Bad Phone number
  • Too Much Shade

Note: We will share these appointments via google sheet, If you have CRM we can upload them into your CRM.

Price $130 Per Appointment

(Minimum Order 20)

$100 per appt on 100+  order