Exclusive Health Insurance Calls (Under 65)

Our Health Insurance Inbound Calls are generated via popular search engines such as google & bing, We also generate them through facebook ads by running multiple online ads campaigns.

Why you should buy our Pay Per Call

1- High intent, Customers are actively searching for health insurance
2- 100% contact rate-Guaranteed
3- Targetted customers- Age under 65, Mid-High income
4- Say good bye to cold calling, facebook leads,door knocking (outdated) marketing
5-HIGH conversion  “customers calling you rather than you approaching them”
6- Start receiving calls in 2-4 business days
7-  Average billable call duration 4-30+ minutes
8- Pick your state in which you want calls

       Phone calls convert at 10x the rate of digital based leads.

         70% of mobile searches result in a call to a business.

All in all, phone calls produce more valuable leads than digital forms.

Health Insurance Pay Per Call (U65 age)

If you have a dedicated team of agents who can take Inbound calls everyday then you must try our  Inbound/pay per call (generated via google search engine)

Pay Per Call/Inbound Calls

Our Health Insurance inbound calls or pay per call online campaigns target customers who are actively searching for Health Insurance.

Our Pay Per Call/Inbound Calls convert 300% more than any other lead source you are using.

  • When a consumer clicks on one of our exclusive ads, they dial into our automated IVR, which verifies the consumer’s interest
  • Once verified, calls are immediately forwarded to your sales team.
  • 100% contact rates, guaranteed: With our inbound calls you have the ability to speak with each consumer before you incur a charge for the call
  • Connection Duration: If the call is terminated during the Connection Duration (60 seconds), no charges will be processed against your account for that call
  • Your hours of operation: Calls can be delivered to your team during the hours and on the days that you choose

Note: We require multiple states or minimum one entire state in order to generate these inbound calls

Price $45 Per Call (60 seconds buffer)

(Minimum order 20)

    Average conversion 25%-65%

                                         Our clients are selling minimum $250-$500+ policy/Month through our calls