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How we generate calls?

Consumers type in ``solar panel`` “burial insurance”, “health insurance” , “medicare supplement” on popular search engines such as google, bing.

They see our ads relevant to their search query.

Customers visit our landing pages, they see our toll free number & that call get transferred to your phone number in real time

Insurance Inbound calls we generate

Final Expense Pay Per Call

Medicare Supplement Pay Per Call

Health insurance (u65) Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call/Inbound Calls

Our Pay Per Call/Inbound Calls convert 300% more than any other lead source you are using.

  • Our Inbound Pay Per Call campaign delivers inbound calls from consumers to your phone lines through our exclusive online ad campaigns
  • When a consumer clicks on one of our exclusive ads, they dial into our automated IVR, which verifies the consumer’s interest.
  • Once verified, calls are immediately forwarded to your sales team, to match the consumer with one of the products offered by your team.
  • 100% contact rates, guaranteed: With our inbound calls you have the ability to speak with each consumer before you incur a charge for the call
  • Connection Duration: If the call is terminated during the Connection Duration (60 seconds), no charges will be processed against your account for that call
  • Your hours of operation: Calls can be delivered to your team during the hours and on the days that you choose

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